Thursday, August 5, 2010

I love this blog and wanted to share!

I loved this blog!

And, commented as such:

"I view sex the same way you do – it’s refreshing to know there are other women out there that think sex is awesome in and of itself!

I loved where you likened sex to hugs with your friends. Humans need to touch and be touched. I constantly crave the feel of a man’s body, hands and cock touching me, cuddling me, fucking me. I only ever actually “crave” the physical closeness of cock, and never have craved emotional closeness (that being said I have been dating a man I absolutely love for two years and we are open to others in our bedroom).

YES, you haven’t met the right guys yet. For years I “dated” an average of 3-5 cocks at a time and added new ones and weeded out the ones that didn’t work for me on a monthly basis. All of these men knew I wasn’t monogamous to them, and all of them LOVED the fact that I was a no-strings, sexually confident woman. Amazingly enough even tho I just wanted them for their cock, many of these men I grew to be very close friends – some I still consider among my best friends.

So, I definitely don’t think it’s being selfish, a greedy cock hoarder, lazy, or emotionally insensitive at all. As long as you are honest with the men you play with, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your cock and eating it too!"

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