69 Things About Me

1. I was a late bloomer and didn't start my sex life until I was 19.
2. I love first kisses.
3. I love being bitten.
4. I enjoy making out and can do it for hours.
5. One of my favorite things is for a man to push me up against the wall, grab my hair hard, pull my head back and kiss me deeply.
6. I’m really horny. Pretty much all the damn time (as if you didn’t guess that one).
7. I’ve had dozens of partners.
8. I’ve love anal sex.
9. I was molested when I was 11/12 and raped when I was 17. I do not count either of these towards my losing my virginity (even tho technically I guess they should be).
10. I love cocks, hard or soft.
11. I started masturbating at age 8 or so.
12. First with fingers, then shoving markers, barbie dolls and hair brushes into me, and finally I discovered the shower head.
13. I never have been able to get myself off by hand; I get bored and fall asleep.
14. I really like sucking cock (and apparently, am damn good at it).
15. I didn't orgasm with a man until my second bf (including the one night stands in between).
16. My favorite way to cum is with a vibrator on my clit while a man is fucking me doggy style.
17. I own many many sex toys and porn vids- the largest collection of all my friends.
18. I've hosted sex parties at my house.
19. I have anally fisted a man.
20. I enjoy being vaginally fisted.
21. I get so turned on when I see a man in a business suit or uniform of any kind.
22. I will never run out of new things to try.
23. My dogs are often in the room when I'm getting laid.
24. I really enjoy my nipple clamps.
25. And vibrators.
26. But, plain old dildos aren't that exciting to me.
27. I can make myself cum by squeezing my thighs together. No direct stimulation needed.
28. I can have multiple orgasms. I’ve lost count at about 10.
29. I’ve had sex in a hotel.
30. I’ve had sex in a classroom.
31. I’ve had sex in a parking lot.
32. I’ve had sex in a dorm room while my roommate was having sex in the bunk bed above me.
33. I had sex with a boss.
34. I’ve had sex with married men (whose wives knew about me).
35. I’ve broken sex toys from overuse.
36. I had my nipples pierced, but had to take them out.
37. I am straight.
38. I think women are beautiful and I am not homophobic.
39. I am submissive.
40. Tho I have had a slave before.
41. I first started having kinky desires at age 8.
42. I’m not a huge fan of food + sex. It’s too messy.
43. I love shower sex.
44. I like sex outside.
45. I am masochistic, bring on the spanking and more...
46. I love men.
47. I’m not a big fan of car sex.
48. I love boyshorts for underwear.
49. I only have my period 2 times a year because I’m on CBC (continuous birth control).
50. I had a cancer scare.
51. I own my own speculum.
52. I prefer the word Pussy. I hate vagina and vulva too.
53. I shave everything- armpits and below is baby-butt bare. It has nothing to do with people controlling my body; I like the way it feels.
54. I prefer the word Cock. Dick is ok. I dislike saying the word Penis.
55. I  like melted wax play.
56. I do not consider anything besides male cock in female pussy or male cock in any ass "sex." Therefore in my mind lesbians could be virgins.
57. I have had threesomes with two males.
58. I have had foursomes with two males and two females.
59. I love getting oral.
60. My breasts are a 46F.
61. I have a tight pussy (or so I'm told)
62. I love being tied up.
63. I love being spanked.
64. I love being scratched with fingernails, pinwheels, knives, etc.
65. I have nude pictures of other women up all over my apartment walls.
66. I like being bent over and fucked hard.
67. I love being naked, all the damn time.
68. I don’t regret any sex I’ve had.
69. I want to have a lot more sex and experience a lot more new things.