Monday, December 27, 2010

WaxPlay 101

 My lover found me the perfect Christmas gift, a Celtic collar in one of my favorite colors. I've always said that I didn't want a diamond, and if we ever exchange rings, I wanted him to make mine a dark sapphire set in silver/white gold. Since our wedding isn't until October 2019, we have awhile to find a ring, and in the meantime I can wear my perfect Celtic collar whenever I need to feel his ownership of me.

It latches in the back like a regular dog-collar does - which was a desire of mine, as opposed to clasps, ties, or clips. It fits me with holes to spare - and being a BBW that was a legitimate concern as many that I've tried on were designed with smaller necks in mind. My man tried it on himself and even had the shop clerk try it on for him since apparently she seemed like she was my size. I am a Celtic Pagan. Most of my tattoos (shown below) are Celtic or at least Celtic inspired. So this collar works for me on SO many levels. Just another show of how well my man knows me!

It was an awesome Christmas. Between the firecupping set, the waxplay set and the collar that he gave me, the bondage rope that I gave him, and the moose leather flogger that's on it's way to us as I type (which was supposed to come last week, but will be here in time for my birthday on Wednesday), this was a very kinky Christmas for us.

On to Wax Play; be sure to use unscented candles as candles with scents tend to burn hotter and are more likely to burn the skin. Natural soy or beeswax are best as they burn at lower temps, and the softer the wax of the candle to the touch, the lower temperature that it will burn at. You are always looking for low temp burning candles as they are the least likely to burn the skin of the person being waxed. If it seems too hot to the waxee you can always raise the candle higher from the skin - the further it falls from the candle to the skin the longer the wax has to cool before hitting the victim, umm, waxee.

Before doing any waxing, you need to rub oil into the skin that will be waxed. Baby Oil is the best apparently, but I can't stand the smell of it, so mineral oil is the next best. But any oil can be used... since we didn't have any this evening, we just used some warming massage oil / lube that we had handy and it worked fine. The purpose of the oil is to help with the wax removal and to help with preventing burns by creating a slight barrier/layer between the skin and the wax. If you do not rub oil into the skin, the wax is more likely to "stick" to the skin or hurt when it's removed. This evening we were waxing my boobs, so they got a nice rub down prior to beginning the scene.

I loved how, in the below picture, the white undercoat of wax looks like a bukkake scene from a porn clip. I can't imagine that actually just sitting there waiting for man after man to cum on you would be all that sexy or fun, but I often love the end result of seeing the woman covered in cum with it dripping off of her face and boobs... anyways, I digress, this is NOT cum, this is the white undercoat of wax on my boobs. You are always supposed to put down an undercoat like this as colored wax burns hotter then white. If you went straight to the colors, you are more likely to burn the waxee. Even through this undercoat of white wax, the color that is dripped on me later on in the scene feels hotter then the white wax felt, so I was thankful for the white undercoat.

We have a friend who uses a little crockpot to melt white candles, rather then dripping the undercoat on. With a pot of melted wax at your disposal the undercoat would go on a lot faster and allow you to get to the color designs quicker - you just use a measuring cup or large spoon and splash on the undercoat to your desired skin. But, for me personally, I enjoy the dripping sensation, and never really knowing where exactly the next drop will hit, so I prefer just using a candle for the entire process.

After you have a good solid coat of white, then you can move on to the colors. I find it to be a very artsy and pretty look to have all the drips and drops of color splattering my boobs. Tho it was hard to keep my arms/hands still and holding my breasts up for waxing. The colored wax really does burn hotter and in the few small drops that hit me where the white undercoat wasn't, caused delicious almost too-much pain sensations to course through my body.

Part of the fun of Wax Play, to me, is the removal of the wax. We can incorporate knife play which is another of my favorites into this part of the scene. Feeling the blade scrape across my flesh. Trusting my partner to do this to me is an awesome feeling. Knowing that the slightest nick could draw blood, it's a great rush. Below is the knife we've found to be one of the best for wax removal. Its long thin blade can get between the wax and my skin with the precision needed for the task. I ordered this particular knife from as a novelty item for $2.95. I guess there isn't much of a market for real flip-open pocket knives that have 7" blades, but it works great for our purposes. I recommend this site for any blades/weapon play. They have great prices for great looking items and while none of them are actual weapon quality (you really get what you pay for) all of the knives/weapons we've ordered from them have been more then adequate for our needs.

It's tough to get action shots when you're both trying to enjoy the play but I think that the below shots are pretty good. It looks both dangerous and fun - tho perhaps the fun part of that is only from my kinky mind enjoying the danger aspect. I think that many more people are turned on by danger then they might realize. Everyone who gets on an amusement park ride because they love the thrill of it, would probably love the feel of a knife pressed to their body by someone they trust. My man says he feels like a surgeon when he is using a knife on me. I like the scraping and rubbing and peeling. Plus between the oil and the wax, my skin feels soft and smooth after a good wax session. Soft skin and rubbing hands as counterpoint to the harsh steel and scratching blade. The wax falling away as the metal rends it from my skin. Mmmm....

Be still, my love. There is a knife pressed to your heart. A knife that could as easily slice flesh as simply set here. Trust me; I have the power here. You are my sub to do with what I want. This knife pressed to your breasts is a symbol of my dominance over you. I choose whether to release you or to cut your flesh. Your blood is mine, your body is mine, you are mine. I won't hurt you. Because you give yourself to me so willingly, so graciously, so beautifully, I will only do what pleases us both. Because you trust me, I won't hurt you. And because I don't hurt you, you trust me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Firecupping 101

A human stegosaurus...
 Firecupping is one of our most recent forays into learning new things from FetLife friends. It's actually a massage technique offered at many day spas locally, and so, while we learned about it as a BDSM activity, it's more of sensation play then anything D/s or S/M.

The basic process is: wipe the inside of the cups with 91% alcohol (found at any local drug store in the first aid section), place the cup upside down about 2 inches from the skin, place a lighter under the cup and flick it until the alcohol on the inside catches fire, remove the lighter and place the cup down on the skin (while the fire is still burning), the fire quickly burns out when the oxygen is cut off and the resulting lack of oxygen between the cup and skin forms suction that sucks the skin and top layer of muscle up into the cup. Leave the cups on for 10-15 minutes (the longer you leave them the darker the hicky marks), and while they are on, you can tap the cups, tug on the cups, rub the skin around the outside of the cups, do some light flogging or knife play, give your subject an orgasm, or whatever the feel of the scene is for you both. Then remove the cups either by twisting, sliding, pulling, or wedging a finger under the rim of the glass to break the suction (tho are listed by level of "pain" with twisting being the most painful and breaking the suction with a finger being pretty much pain free).

Add some scratch/smack play...
I love having many different sensations mixed in together with the Firecupping. This picture shows a wooden spoon being used to alternately scratch and smack the flesh around the cups. Every sensation is heightened by the fact that the skin (and nerves) are pulled tight under the cups. Add all sort of feelings together and the subject (me) can sometimes almost be overwhelmed by all of the sensations. It's borderline overload at times.  In my opinion, it's better when a blindfold is used, that cuts down on one sense and helps focus your attention on all of the other senses - main one with Firecupping being touch.

Multiple hands on me makes for a nice scene...
 One of the things that I really enjoyed about this session was having the attention of multiple sets of hands on me. There is something nice about knowing that four or five people could be taking turns using varying tools and/or their hands on my body. It adds a comforting emotional element to all of the physical sensations going on within the body throughout the Firecupping.

I think symmetry is important (i.e. don't use 3 cups, use 4) up and down the spine... or on the butt, or boobs, or wherever you place them. When you're pulling them off pull straight up and don't twist or slide (unless you want the pain). When a lot of alcohol is used in the cups, the tightness of the skin pulled up in them can be borderline painful, but as someone who likes pain, that's OK to me. I think it has something to do with the more alcohol the more the fire burns before going out and the tighter the suction.

Cut off my breath and smack my ass and I am in heaven...
I also like breath play... and having the Dragontail whip looped around my neck added another level of sensations that increased my pleasure throughout this session. My body (and I'm sure everyone's) gets pleasantly tingly when I feel something tighten around my throat. My man knows the pressure points in my neck to knock me out completely, which he will do at times and almost brings me to orgasm from that alone, but even just a slight pressure around my neck can make me squirm in pleasure. My body tightens, my pussy dampens, and my entire sub side comes out as I lay there and willingly put my life in anothers hands. The little crop shown above also added sensation after sensation as it was used on my back, ass, and even on the Firecups themselves. That's another thing that can be done... alternately tug and push on the Firecups themselves. This is part of the massage techniques used and really works the skin/ muscles/nerves in and around the Firecups.

Only "downside" to Firecupping is the unavoidable marks that are left behind. I personally love being marked by anything as its a constant reminder of that activity. Bruise me, cut me, whip me, cane me, Firecup me... anything that leaves its mark on me is enjoyable. The best activities are ones that you can't forget, that every movement reminds you of, that people can see the effects of and ask you about.

I definitely recommend Firecupping to anyone who is into sensation play or even simple massage. You can customize this activity to be included in whatever your personal kink is through breath play, whips/floggers, knives, etc... Its cheap to set up your own kit from the dollar store, easy to learn or teach someone to do on you, and very very relaxing and enjoyable.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painful Pleasures

Below are a few pirtures from the recent fun I've been having. I will be writing more about the last few pictures at a later time as they are from a very intensely pleasurable scene I got to have tonight. I love meeting new people and learning new things from them. It's all SO much fun!!! And, I am about as unstressed as I've been in a long while. Pain is such a wonderful thing. Forget about going back on the anti-depressants, I just needed to reconnect with my masochistic side, Lol.

I also love that my man is man enough to know when to show humility and ask questions when needed. He is sensitive and kindhearted - yet a complete evil fucker when he's in DerBoss mode. I love it! Hehe!

He wants to be the best Dom for me that he can be. I think he already is, but he's set on learning all the new tricks to giving me pleasure (and pain) that he can possibly learn. How great is it that a man will arrange a time to have another man over to teach him how to better punish me? No pressure or pushing, just lessons for him and relaxation for me. A willingness to learn is not a trait you find in many Doms (in my experience at least), I am a lucky woman. Its a constant amazement to me how great he is - every day we are more and more in love.

Ok ok ok enough with the sappy stuff and on to the porn... :-)

Getting warmed up with my man's nice and thuddy hand smacking my ass. Got a nice pink glow getting started! His hands are amazing. I love when he uses them on me for pain and for pleasure. I am such a lucky girl! 

Working me over with the "Evil Stick"... the thing is down right evil and a horrible sting-ee pain. But, its a good hurt. I love that I am starting to show the purple bruises to match the pink glow and purple evil stick... Lovely, lovely.

Closeup of all the speckles and spots. I LOVE bruises and marks. Reminders of the fun times I just had, and reminders that I am an owned girl. I belong to my man, my love, my everything. He marks me with his marks so that I can never forget it. As if I could - but it's still YUMMY!
Sassy lil devil, aren't I? Have to wear the devil tail butt plug when I've been a naughty little girl. "Go tie yourself to the bed and get ready for your floggings" is heard almost nightly at my house ;-)
First time really playing with wax and knives... HOT HOT HOT! Can't even describe the intensity of all the sensations, especially since I was blindfolded and couldn't tell who was doing what to me or what was coming next... Mmmm...

Showing off the nice knife marks that I will be wearing for awhile... Have to admit, a little bit of fear and real pain brings out the best in me, Lol. I haven't been this relaxed in days!

Getting alternately poked and scratched with a knife then splattered with hot wax ... all while being pinned down and blindfolded... talk about sensory overload ... in the best possible way! Awesomeness!

First time trying "Fire Cupping" ... this is on my ass. Feels WONDERFUL! And not nearly as painful as this picture looks... kind of more like a giant gentle sucking hickey feeling... Very nice, very very nice.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, 2010 - This year I am thankful for orgies...

Wow! Two orgies in a week - I think that I have moved into Penthouse Letters territory here! Fun fun times.

There are so many good and bad things about group sex that I am having a difficult time putting my thoughts into order here which is why it's been a few days between the actual events and the blogs here lately. But, I am getting around to writing as my brain settles into a calmer thought pattern about it all. We've met some super cool people through the orgy group. People who we will hopefully get a chance to play with again in a less intimidating situation. Because that's my general feel on the orgy scene: intimidating. I enjoyed myself because I knew everyone there (as opposed to the gangbang the weekend prior), but it is still not a relaxing nor really sexy atmosphere. As long as I know majority of people there, I think I will start feeling more and more comfortable to the whole thing.

The most important fact that I feel the need to point out is that I love my man more and more the further we explore this new sexual life we've been delving into lately. There has not been a single second in any of the experiences that we've shared that have made me think that I prefer the wild, crazy and new to our own personal sex life. It's like eating at a five-star steak restaurant majority of the time and every once in awhile still wanting Burger King. Something new and fun and different is just that- new and fun and different. Not better, not replacing, not threatening- just different.

Majority of the vanilla friends that I have that I feel free enough to talk about this side of my life with are always act worried that swinging will ruin my relationship. They think that because I can share my man's body with another woman that I don't love him as much as they love their man. But, also most of them I've been able to convince that this is SO not the case. Perhaps it's because I don't equate physical play with emotional love that I am able to move past any "natural" jealousy issues that arise and move right into the fun of it all.

Take the other night for instance. at the Thanksgiving Day Orgy, we had a thirteensome spread mainly across two king sized beds and then also throughout a huge two story house. There were 5 couples, 2 singles gals, and 1 single guy that all played with each other. Well, all the girls played with everyone, and all the guys played with just the girls. While there might have been a few guys there that were on the bicurious side, for all practical purposes the girls were all heteroflexible and the guys were simply non-homophobic. I laughed when my man said that he found having seven girls to play with a little overwhelming - I asked him how he thought I felt when, since I don't make the gender distinction in playtime, there were 12 new people for me to touch that evening (tho I use the term "new" loosely as I had played with most everyone there prior to that night).

It is a little overwhelming tho - I have yet to decide if I am a huge fan of this group thing. It's fun in concept, and it is really fun in reality, but it is more on the FUN side of activities then the incredibly sexual or sensual to me. I love sitting there and watching all the live porn being acted out in front of me. I enjoy playing with all the naked bodies and all the cuddling and kissing that goes on, but as far as it being a super huge turn on and making me cum harder or quicker or whatever - it didn't. But it was fun. I will definitely be going back for more. I do find it interesting that of the six males there I know at least four of them had issues with the whole orgy scene and anxiety affecting their performance, so it seems that men would be even less likely to want to repeat the activity, yet all of them do want to, as soon as possible please, Lol. I guess it's the same as I view it, even if I don't get off as much or as easily or as good as at home with my love, it's still fun and better then sitting around playing cards.
Unless you are playing cards like these girls...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My night as a pussy bouncer...

 So, this other night at a gangbang...

I never thought I would be able to start a sentence that way! But, lucky me, now I can. My friend's husband advertised on and got a bunch of random guys over to fuck her while she was blindfolded. She was the main course for the evening. There was good and bad to my experience. Sex is always a fun and it's an interesting hobby to enjoy with my man. Since I didn't have to do anything (or anyone) that I didn't want to, it was a good experience overall. Tho I alternately both felt envy for and felt sorry for my friend. As the saying goes, she got banged harder then a Salvation Army drum. Which is a good thing! Long and constant full feeling. Throbbing cocks filling you over and over. Men pawing you and wanting you and focusing on you. Being the main course for an evening would have it's upsides too.

My man and I went to the event with a friend of ours... I was there to play fluffer to my man, our friend and the main course's husband if needed. While we are swingers, my man and I prefer to meet and befriend our fucks prior to playing with them so I was careful to avoid touching anything of anyones that I didn't have prior OK to touch. One of the many reasons that swinging works for us is that we are loving and respectful of each other and our mutual rules. So while I felt kind of like I was ignoring people at the after party orgy to the gangbang but the fact that my man and I went home happy and comfortable with everything that happened made up for any momentary rudeness I felt about keeping my hands to myself when there were so many cocks and boobs put in my face to touch.

I, personally, am too picky about who I allow to touch me to ever be OK with inviting random strangers from the internet over to fuck me. I would have to screen them, in person, ahead of time and approve their persons and personalities before I would actually enjoy allowing them to have their ways with me. But, since I was just the pussy bouncer and not the main course for the evening, that aspect of the situation wasn't up to me. My blindfolded friend seemed to enjoy herself throughout the all the fucking and sucking, so that's what made the gangbang work.

It got off to a little bit of a rocky start as there were a couple couples that posted themselves up against the wall of the bedroom and just stood there and studied the scene on the bed like we were all intensely interesting specimens at a lab. Wide-eyed shock and awe emanated from them. But, they didn't participate and they didn't act like they were even slightly turned on by the debauchery going on ten feet from them. What gives with that? How can you watch a live porn being acted out in front of you and not show the slightest sign of being turned on by the scene? What makes a person be open enough to show up at a gangbang, yet huddle against the wall and tremble whenever anyone suggests they join in the fun?

Back to me, the pussy bouncer, it was my "job" for the evening to make sure all cocks were condom covered and the main course's pussy remained moist enough for all the fucking that took place. I used more lube in that one evening then I think has been used in all my personal sexual nights put together. I used my hands and my mouth to keep her turned on and ready for each cock as it came her way. I've discovered recently that I am heteroflexible (which means straight until the lights go off) so I enjoy kissing and touching a woman's body. I love feeling her go soft and turned on  under my hands.

The gangbang progressed as you would expect a gangbang to progress. Man after man took his turn next to the main course and she fondled him and sucked on him for awhile until he was hard enough for a condom and once wrapped the dick would pound her til either nerves took over and killed the guys' erection or he came from the stimulation. And, by then another guy had been fluffed by her and was ready to take the last guys place in her pussy. This continued for about a half dozen guys... two of which were creepy old fuckers who, had the blindfold not been in place, the main course would probably not wanted to play with... hence the blindfold I guess.

After the gangbang was over, the organization degenerated into a pile of bodies touching and mouthing and fucking. Over the course of the evening there were about 15-20 people there, but at the end of it there were nine of us in the two king-sized beds that were pushed together in the bedroom. I've never seen so much live sex performed in front of my eyes ever. It was amazing fun to watch all the bodies writhing, hands groping, mouths kissing and sucking, and the cocks disappearing into various orifices.

Our friend enjoyed it immensely too. As he said, he had sex with a girl and had three different girls suck on his cock all in one evening, what more could a guy want?

Monday, November 22, 2010

The "Pin the Name on the Boobs" Game!

Here are the rules...

Below you have eight pictures of torso's in various states of undress.

You have to, from our "Cool Dudes and Dude-ettes" group on Facebook, list which member of the group matches each chest.

Please only use first names as this blog is public (tho there are no face pics or full names shown anywhere so it is completely anonymous).

Put your answer in the form of a comment below at the bottom of the blog in the format of 1-Name, 2-Name, etc...

Once I get all the comment answers that I think that I am going to get I will post in our FB group the correct order and who came the closest to getting them all correct. Obviously my man and I will not play, as we've seen all these pictures as they were sent to us.

If you decide that you want to participate, feel free to send me a picture of your chest/torso area and I will add it to this blog after the fact and post an announcement for everyone to come back and guess on the 9th, or 10th pictures added. Again, this is for males and females...

Start guessing!








Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Costume Says Rape Me? Or Slutting Around on Halloween...

As much, or little, clothing as a woman chooses to wear in public, nothing gives someone the right to touch her. As nice as the woman to the right looks (even I would love to touch her, those boobs are so perky and bouncy looking, and the curve of that hip is delicious, Lol), and as unappealing as the women to the left look, All of these women have the same rights to their body as the others...

 I've found and read a lot of blogs lately (SerenaDante, MonsterFresh, TrulyEqual, AngryHarry, Ezinearticles even YahooAnswers to link a few) about how the various views on womens clothes as related to whether they should be raped or not. I feel the need to chime in on this topic. Mostly because it; a. hits close to home; b. ties into the religion topic that caused such a debate a couple days ago here on my blog; c. is another topic that will demonstrate how absolutely retarded majority of people are (which is always amusing to write about, Lol) and; c. is a sexual topic which is what this blog is about anyways...

Now, to most of you the subject will seem like common sense. If I say things like "women who dress in clothes that show too much leg and cleavage wants to be raped" or "it's not rape when a woman is asking for it by wearing THAT in public" or "you can't rape a slut/whore" majority of you will write me off as a total quack. But there are some people out there who will simply agree with those statements. They have been brainwashed by either society or religion... or they are plain twisted in their own minds.

I do think that women who dress like whores like to be viewed as such - I know when I dress like a slut with my tits hanging out of my shirt, I definitely appreciate all looks that men give me - BUT even whores have the right to say no. In states where prostitution is legal, a whore can still choose her clients and can still bring a john up on rape charges because he didn't respect "no" from her. So, even when a woman wants to be viewed as a sex object for the day, it doesn't mean she is giving up all rights to do or NOT to do what she wants with her body. A girl may go out in public wearing an outfit that seems to talk to a man. But it is saying "look at me, I'm sexy" - nothing she wears is ever saying "rape me" and no man has the right to confuse that basic point.

People can say that "rape isn't about sex its about power" all they want, but in the end it it still about sex. If it were JUST about power, the rapist would leave his clothes on and beat the hell out of his victim - rapists rape. That's what makes them rapists. Therefore rape is about sex. Men who rape (and, yes, there are women who rape, but they are few and for ease of reading I am going to use male pronouns) are turned on sexually, perhaps by the power trip, but regardless, they are turned on sexually by a woman and do not have the common sense and self control to pursue her sex in a normal, healthy fashion and instead force themselves on her and into her. There is no excuse, no justification, no reason that can make this lack of simply human decency OK or right in any way. LEAST of all her clothing. A woman is allowed to go outside wearing anything or nothing that she wants and not run any higher risk of being raped then were she to be completely covered.

A lot of the blogs that I've found recently, due to it being this time of year, center around what is being coined as "Slutoween" and how the increasingly revealing Halloween costumes are "to blame" for men raping the women who wear them. Now I personally have a fairly slutty Halloween costume this year. I can tell you with no hesitation that if a man had tried to rape me either of the past two nights, besides the fact that he'd be dead, killed by my boyfriend in his executioner costume, I would NOT have blamed the fishnets I was wearing for him trying to rape me ... I would have blamed him.

I was raised to believe that all men have no self control and it was completely up to the woman to keep "impure thoughts" from entering any man around her's head. Men were NOT to be blamed for anything that they did sexually that a woman "asked for" by being too sexual of a being. Women who are even slightly sexual are on their own and not to be either trusted nor respected by men.Youth group even had a dress code of no knees showing and at least four inchs for straps on sleeveless shirts (ie no tube tops, spagetti straps or even normal sleeveless tank tops). Women are still making up for force-feeding Adam the cursed apple way back in the garden of Eden and hence we are responsible for ALL of their downfalls to this very day. It is our responsibility as paroled-women-kind that no man is tempted down the evil path again.

This very illogic was one of the reasons that I did not talk about being raped for years after it happened in college. It was because of this misguided brainwashing. I honestly felt that it was my fault somehow that a man on his second date with me was expected to / allowed to force himself on me. I believed that maybe because I wore too little clothing, too much makeup or flirted too much, that he was justified in beating me bruised and raping an eighteen year old girl who he knew to be a virgin.

I know better now. I know that men are people too. Men are not crazed animals with no control over their actions. Men are normal human beings who have no more right to force non-consensual sex then a women has a right to chop off her adulterous husband's dick even if she "feels like it" and "he asked for it" by cheating on her. All people are solely responsible for their actions. All people must live by all laws of the local they live in which are usually based on some form of "as it harm none, do as ye will." This applies to ALL people. men too, not just women.  A woman's clothes no more give a man the right to rape her then a man's slutting gives a woman the right to castrate him.
In this case, (or at least my interpretation of this picture) it looks like the women were having an affair and the husband of the dark haired girl is about to get very very lucky and get every man's threesome wish come true, but in general an affair will just lead to bloodshed, Lol.
Now, of course, anyone who's read my blog knows that I like sexual play that is closer to rape then most women like... I like whips and bruises. I like to be tied up or forced down and to feel like a man is taking control of me. However, I like this play (along with all other women I know that like this play) with my safeword in place and being respected. I like my "rape" fantasies played out under MY rules and MY terms. I love to have a man take me... in the comfort and safety of my bedroom with a man I trust and love, not in the backseat of his SUV because he can't take no for an answer. I love to be bruised the next day from his hands... because I've asked him to spank my naughty ass not because I wouldn't stop struggling and it was the only way he could get me to settle down long enough to get off in me.
I have found that women who were raped usually fall in to two categories sexually... they either want nothing to do with any sexual play that reminds them of the incident - which really makes the most sense to me. Or they turn out like me - super kinky chicks who like it rougher then most women ever like it. However, the very nature of most consensual rough play is the opposite of the man raping the woman, in fact, the woman is the one in complete control at all times and SHE says yes/no, stop/go. I think that it's because they need to relive the incident in a way that puts them in control of the situation - and/or the rape incident that she lived through did result in an orgasm on her part and hence something was rewired in her brain to link the rape situation with orgasm and she is trying to recreate that rush in a safe environment.

So, to sum it up here. Women can dress however the heck they want and men do not have the right nor even the excuse to rape them - or sexually assault them - or touch them - or anything beside fantasize about them in their dirty minds. EVEN if it is Halloween. It may make my day when I catch a guy looking at me in the way I know he's fantasizing. It's very flattering to be appreciated as a woman and as a sex object. But, there is a major difference between an appreciating look and rape, and if a person thinks otherwise, they are lacking something that is vital to their very humanity.

Halloween is an awesome time of year! When else can you see a costume like this out on the streets? So much fun to look at, just don't touch unless she verbally asks!