Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex Blogs I Read & Love

Listed below are the other adult blogs that I read regularly. Of the literally thousands out there to read these few have managed to catch and keep my attention over time. Some contain articles on life and sex, others are advice columns, some are written by many authors, and some are just plain comic relief. Let me know what you think of them! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (They are in no particular order.)

Always Aroused Girl's Blog - Sex Toy Reviews, Sex and Politics, and Comic Relief "Between writing a personal blog, looking at porn, building websites and reading lots of books, this Always Aroused Girl enjoys petting her cats. No that is not a euphemism. Well, maybe it is."

Trinity-Pup - A Collared Submissive Girl's Diary of Kinky Nights "I am a collared submissive and owned by a wonderful Master. He told me He would show me who was in charge, who owned me and would make sure I felt deeply submissive by the time He had finished with me."

Hot Alpha Female - Sassy Girl Gives Dating and Sex Advice "Brutally Honest Dating Advice … I'm just a girl, who has had some dating experience, read a whole lot of books and has extraordinary passion about the dating game, who will give advice to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen."

Honey and Lance - Two Friends Give Sex Advice and Share Stories "Perspectives on dating, relationships, pickup, sex, and life. We blog about dating, relationships, seduction, sex, and everything in between. Lance is a single social artist based in Orlando, Florida. Honey is in a long term relationship with Jake and they live together in Phoenix, Arizona."

Carnivalesq - Porn / Sex Toy Reviews and Sex Stories "Join me for some creative writing, frank explorations of sex and sexuality, some sex toy reviews and often, far too much information."

Carnal Nation - Sex in the News and Stories to Make You Blush "CarnalNation provides comprehensive coverage for grown-ups. We publish original, incisive and uncensored content. We make this commitment at all levels: the personal, the political, and the perverted. We know you take your fun as seriously as we do, so we invite you to realize and explore your interests, desires, and curiosities."

Hey Epiphora - Sex Toy Reviews "Sex toy reviews and musings, no sugarcoating. I'm fascinated by gender, in lust with writing, driven by coffee. I type quickly, eat slowly, and watch porn for hours. I greatly prefer cats to children, and always want to be drinking something while I write. I’m pansexual and a feminist — two of the only labels that really suit me. I am also painfully monogamous and very vanilla."

Pink Sex Geek - Girl Share Sex and Life Stories and Sex Toy Reviews "I’m Crista, and I am a Pleasure Based/Sex-Positive Sex Educator and Toy Goddess. That can be a bit of a mouthful, so I stick with Sex Geek. Pleasure Based meaning I teach sex education to adults with an emphasis on how to have a more enjoyable and orgasmic sex life either with partners or with yourself."

The Cherry Scoop - Sex Toy Reviews "My name is Sundae and I'm the mysterious figure behind this blog! I've been reviewing sex toys since around August of 2009, so I've had a lot of time to get familiar with products, become connected to the community and be exposed to plenty of fascinating sex info."

Between My Sheets - Submissive Slut's Writings on Sex "I’ve ghost-written over ten sex guide ebooks, including ones on squirting and giving your partner a prostate massage. I suspect they’re good sellers because the client keeps ordering more! I have cinnamon-flavored throat-numbing cream for guys who are too big to otherwise deep throat. I enjoy watching porn while I masturbate."

The Beautiful Kind - Multi Author Blog W/ Sex Columns on Advice, Stories and Kink "The Beautiful Kind is a sex positive community where people can get advice, share their experiences, and learn a thing or two from TBK, a bonafide sexgoddess. This site strives to bring shy folks out of their shell, and offer a safe haven for perverts. All genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and fetishes are welcome here. Open, honest, and authentic, The Beautiful Kind is sure to entertain, educate, titillate, and inspire. Smut for smart people."

Sex Is - Edens Fantasies - Multi Author Blog W/ Sex Toy Reviews, Advice and Stories "Find sex tips for everyday life, read opinions on the heated sex debates in our society, make smart and informed sex shopping decisions, open your horizons with new sex techniques and join sex positive EdenFantasys community."

Curvaceous Dee - Chubby Woman Discusses Life, Sex and Kink "Curvaceous, vivacious, tenacious, bodacious. That's Curvaceous Dee! I'm also fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, kinky, kiwi, and happy."

Sexuality Happens - Chubby Bi Sex Blogger and Toy Reviewer "I’m Essin’ Em, your friendly neighborhood feminist, queer, Femme, horny, politically active, questioning, pondering sexologist and sex educator. This blog is a discussion about the full spectrum of sexuality, sex toy/porn/book reviews, pieces of my personal life including snippets of sex stories, poignant news relating to sexuality, sex tips, and amusing tidbits and awkward moments."

Hello Saraid - Sex Toy Reviews and Life/Sex Stories "I’m a normal college student that has a passion for talking about sexuality. On this blog you’ll find my thoughts on how sexuality is presented in the media, how I feel about my own sexual identity, and much more. But, I mainly write sex toy reviews, which in addition to being fun for me to write, are helpful to a wide variety of audiences. I try my best to make my reviews approachable for all age groups and for all walks of life."

Mistress Matisse's Journal - Pro-Domme's Stories of Life in the Business "Seattle writer/professional dominatrix's personal musings, rants and life-trivia... I am a very beautiful, experienced dominatrix with a private, fully-equipped dungeon in Seattle, Washington. I do sessions with beginners as well as experienced submissives."

Desk Full of Dildos - Girl Reviews SexToys and Share Weird Sex Things Found Online "Desk Full of Dildos: your source for sex toy news, reviews, company profiles, snark, and weird adult novelties. I have always been a rabid fan of all things adult, obsessing over toy line debuts the way tech geeks salivate over smartphones and imacs."

DIY Sex Blog - Fun Homemade Sex Toys and Sex In the News "Too embarrassed (or too cheap) to buy sex toys? This site shows you how, step-by-step, to build them yourself. Got ingenious inventions? Don't be shy, share them with us. And if you decide you want to buy instead of make, we give recommendations of online toy stores which have impressive selections."

Kinky Stick Figure - Poking Fun at Sex "I am on a collision course with wackiness. I am likely old enough to be your mother, but I'm still the coolest girl you'll ever meet."

She Loves Sex- Sexy Diversions By Women For Women "Do you love Sex? Do you love to learn about it, read about it, and hear the opinions of other women who love it as much as you do? SheLovesSex gives you custom content we write ourselves and the best sex & dating articles that we find on the net. No searching all over to find the juiciest tidbits. No gossip, no fashion tips... just a bevy of information about sex, in all its facets."

Sexie Sadie - Stories of Seduction "This is where I chronicle my experiences in an open relationship with my wonderful Hubby. I write freely here, and about a concept that you may not agree with straight away. But, I urge you to dig around my posts and see what I have to say, because you just might change your mind about someone like me."

Sexy Blogtime! - Sex Toy Reviews, Pics of Porn and Sexy Musings "Sexy Blogtime! is Lucy Vonne's input on everything in the adult world. From toy and porn reviews to bringing you the hottest porn studs around in the business. If it sparks her interest and deals with sex then she wants you to know about it. Sex is wonderful! She was named one of the best sex toy reviewers of 2008 by the"

Tiny Nibbles - Sex Commentary, Accurate Sex Info and Erotica "Violet Blue is regarded as the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology, a sex-positive pundit in mainstream media and is regularly interviewed, quoted and featured prominently by major media outlets. She is a published feature writer and columnist since 1998, Violet also has many award-winning, best selling books."

Denying Thumper - Male Sub's Diary about Chastity "A blog about a masochistic, submissively-inclined, orgasm-denied male bunny locked in chastity."

Bad Bad Girl - Submissive Girl's Sex Diary On Being Owned "I'm a cool chick who likes to use the word “cunt." I believe in being sex-positive and hate-negative. I think chicks with real tits are sexy. I like to talk dirty and curse incessantly. I love dildo’s and vibrators but will never choose one over the real thing."

Britni's Shameless - Bitchy Bi Girl Sharing Thoughts on Sex and Life "I'm nothing but a brash and impetuous girl striving to be true to myself while searching for somewhere to belong, someone to love, and a better version of me.

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  1. Thanks for posting this list! I know of a few on this list (AAG, Sexie Sadie, Honey & Lance), and look forward to checking out the rest!