Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painful Pleasures

Below are a few pirtures from the recent fun I've been having. I will be writing more about the last few pictures at a later time as they are from a very intensely pleasurable scene I got to have tonight. I love meeting new people and learning new things from them. It's all SO much fun!!! And, I am about as unstressed as I've been in a long while. Pain is such a wonderful thing. Forget about going back on the anti-depressants, I just needed to reconnect with my masochistic side, Lol.

I also love that my man is man enough to know when to show humility and ask questions when needed. He is sensitive and kindhearted - yet a complete evil fucker when he's in DerBoss mode. I love it! Hehe!

He wants to be the best Dom for me that he can be. I think he already is, but he's set on learning all the new tricks to giving me pleasure (and pain) that he can possibly learn. How great is it that a man will arrange a time to have another man over to teach him how to better punish me? No pressure or pushing, just lessons for him and relaxation for me. A willingness to learn is not a trait you find in many Doms (in my experience at least), I am a lucky woman. Its a constant amazement to me how great he is - every day we are more and more in love.

Ok ok ok enough with the sappy stuff and on to the porn... :-)

Getting warmed up with my man's nice and thuddy hand smacking my ass. Got a nice pink glow getting started! His hands are amazing. I love when he uses them on me for pain and for pleasure. I am such a lucky girl! 

Working me over with the "Evil Stick"... the thing is down right evil and a horrible sting-ee pain. But, its a good hurt. I love that I am starting to show the purple bruises to match the pink glow and purple evil stick... Lovely, lovely.

Closeup of all the speckles and spots. I LOVE bruises and marks. Reminders of the fun times I just had, and reminders that I am an owned girl. I belong to my man, my love, my everything. He marks me with his marks so that I can never forget it. As if I could - but it's still YUMMY!
Sassy lil devil, aren't I? Have to wear the devil tail butt plug when I've been a naughty little girl. "Go tie yourself to the bed and get ready for your floggings" is heard almost nightly at my house ;-)
First time really playing with wax and knives... HOT HOT HOT! Can't even describe the intensity of all the sensations, especially since I was blindfolded and couldn't tell who was doing what to me or what was coming next... Mmmm...

Showing off the nice knife marks that I will be wearing for awhile... Have to admit, a little bit of fear and real pain brings out the best in me, Lol. I haven't been this relaxed in days!

Getting alternately poked and scratched with a knife then splattered with hot wax ... all while being pinned down and blindfolded... talk about sensory overload ... in the best possible way! Awesomeness!

First time trying "Fire Cupping" ... this is on my ass. Feels WONDERFUL! And not nearly as painful as this picture looks... kind of more like a giant gentle sucking hickey feeling... Very nice, very very nice.

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