Monday, December 27, 2010

WaxPlay 101

 My lover found me the perfect Christmas gift, a Celtic collar in one of my favorite colors. I've always said that I didn't want a diamond, and if we ever exchange rings, I wanted him to make mine a dark sapphire set in silver/white gold. Since our wedding isn't until October 2019, we have awhile to find a ring, and in the meantime I can wear my perfect Celtic collar whenever I need to feel his ownership of me.

It latches in the back like a regular dog-collar does - which was a desire of mine, as opposed to clasps, ties, or clips. It fits me with holes to spare - and being a BBW that was a legitimate concern as many that I've tried on were designed with smaller necks in mind. My man tried it on himself and even had the shop clerk try it on for him since apparently she seemed like she was my size. I am a Celtic Pagan. Most of my tattoos (shown below) are Celtic or at least Celtic inspired. So this collar works for me on SO many levels. Just another show of how well my man knows me!

It was an awesome Christmas. Between the firecupping set, the waxplay set and the collar that he gave me, the bondage rope that I gave him, and the moose leather flogger that's on it's way to us as I type (which was supposed to come last week, but will be here in time for my birthday on Wednesday), this was a very kinky Christmas for us.

On to Wax Play; be sure to use unscented candles as candles with scents tend to burn hotter and are more likely to burn the skin. Natural soy or beeswax are best as they burn at lower temps, and the softer the wax of the candle to the touch, the lower temperature that it will burn at. You are always looking for low temp burning candles as they are the least likely to burn the skin of the person being waxed. If it seems too hot to the waxee you can always raise the candle higher from the skin - the further it falls from the candle to the skin the longer the wax has to cool before hitting the victim, umm, waxee.

Before doing any waxing, you need to rub oil into the skin that will be waxed. Baby Oil is the best apparently, but I can't stand the smell of it, so mineral oil is the next best. But any oil can be used... since we didn't have any this evening, we just used some warming massage oil / lube that we had handy and it worked fine. The purpose of the oil is to help with the wax removal and to help with preventing burns by creating a slight barrier/layer between the skin and the wax. If you do not rub oil into the skin, the wax is more likely to "stick" to the skin or hurt when it's removed. This evening we were waxing my boobs, so they got a nice rub down prior to beginning the scene.

I loved how, in the below picture, the white undercoat of wax looks like a bukkake scene from a porn clip. I can't imagine that actually just sitting there waiting for man after man to cum on you would be all that sexy or fun, but I often love the end result of seeing the woman covered in cum with it dripping off of her face and boobs... anyways, I digress, this is NOT cum, this is the white undercoat of wax on my boobs. You are always supposed to put down an undercoat like this as colored wax burns hotter then white. If you went straight to the colors, you are more likely to burn the waxee. Even through this undercoat of white wax, the color that is dripped on me later on in the scene feels hotter then the white wax felt, so I was thankful for the white undercoat.

We have a friend who uses a little crockpot to melt white candles, rather then dripping the undercoat on. With a pot of melted wax at your disposal the undercoat would go on a lot faster and allow you to get to the color designs quicker - you just use a measuring cup or large spoon and splash on the undercoat to your desired skin. But, for me personally, I enjoy the dripping sensation, and never really knowing where exactly the next drop will hit, so I prefer just using a candle for the entire process.

After you have a good solid coat of white, then you can move on to the colors. I find it to be a very artsy and pretty look to have all the drips and drops of color splattering my boobs. Tho it was hard to keep my arms/hands still and holding my breasts up for waxing. The colored wax really does burn hotter and in the few small drops that hit me where the white undercoat wasn't, caused delicious almost too-much pain sensations to course through my body.

Part of the fun of Wax Play, to me, is the removal of the wax. We can incorporate knife play which is another of my favorites into this part of the scene. Feeling the blade scrape across my flesh. Trusting my partner to do this to me is an awesome feeling. Knowing that the slightest nick could draw blood, it's a great rush. Below is the knife we've found to be one of the best for wax removal. Its long thin blade can get between the wax and my skin with the precision needed for the task. I ordered this particular knife from as a novelty item for $2.95. I guess there isn't much of a market for real flip-open pocket knives that have 7" blades, but it works great for our purposes. I recommend this site for any blades/weapon play. They have great prices for great looking items and while none of them are actual weapon quality (you really get what you pay for) all of the knives/weapons we've ordered from them have been more then adequate for our needs.

It's tough to get action shots when you're both trying to enjoy the play but I think that the below shots are pretty good. It looks both dangerous and fun - tho perhaps the fun part of that is only from my kinky mind enjoying the danger aspect. I think that many more people are turned on by danger then they might realize. Everyone who gets on an amusement park ride because they love the thrill of it, would probably love the feel of a knife pressed to their body by someone they trust. My man says he feels like a surgeon when he is using a knife on me. I like the scraping and rubbing and peeling. Plus between the oil and the wax, my skin feels soft and smooth after a good wax session. Soft skin and rubbing hands as counterpoint to the harsh steel and scratching blade. The wax falling away as the metal rends it from my skin. Mmmm....

Be still, my love. There is a knife pressed to your heart. A knife that could as easily slice flesh as simply set here. Trust me; I have the power here. You are my sub to do with what I want. This knife pressed to your breasts is a symbol of my dominance over you. I choose whether to release you or to cut your flesh. Your blood is mine, your body is mine, you are mine. I won't hurt you. Because you give yourself to me so willingly, so graciously, so beautifully, I will only do what pleases us both. Because you trust me, I won't hurt you. And because I don't hurt you, you trust me.

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