Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, 2010 - This year I am thankful for orgies...

Wow! Two orgies in a week - I think that I have moved into Penthouse Letters territory here! Fun fun times.

There are so many good and bad things about group sex that I am having a difficult time putting my thoughts into order here which is why it's been a few days between the actual events and the blogs here lately. But, I am getting around to writing as my brain settles into a calmer thought pattern about it all. We've met some super cool people through the orgy group. People who we will hopefully get a chance to play with again in a less intimidating situation. Because that's my general feel on the orgy scene: intimidating. I enjoyed myself because I knew everyone there (as opposed to the gangbang the weekend prior), but it is still not a relaxing nor really sexy atmosphere. As long as I know majority of people there, I think I will start feeling more and more comfortable to the whole thing.

The most important fact that I feel the need to point out is that I love my man more and more the further we explore this new sexual life we've been delving into lately. There has not been a single second in any of the experiences that we've shared that have made me think that I prefer the wild, crazy and new to our own personal sex life. It's like eating at a five-star steak restaurant majority of the time and every once in awhile still wanting Burger King. Something new and fun and different is just that- new and fun and different. Not better, not replacing, not threatening- just different.

Majority of the vanilla friends that I have that I feel free enough to talk about this side of my life with are always act worried that swinging will ruin my relationship. They think that because I can share my man's body with another woman that I don't love him as much as they love their man. But, also most of them I've been able to convince that this is SO not the case. Perhaps it's because I don't equate physical play with emotional love that I am able to move past any "natural" jealousy issues that arise and move right into the fun of it all.

Take the other night for instance. at the Thanksgiving Day Orgy, we had a thirteensome spread mainly across two king sized beds and then also throughout a huge two story house. There were 5 couples, 2 singles gals, and 1 single guy that all played with each other. Well, all the girls played with everyone, and all the guys played with just the girls. While there might have been a few guys there that were on the bicurious side, for all practical purposes the girls were all heteroflexible and the guys were simply non-homophobic. I laughed when my man said that he found having seven girls to play with a little overwhelming - I asked him how he thought I felt when, since I don't make the gender distinction in playtime, there were 12 new people for me to touch that evening (tho I use the term "new" loosely as I had played with most everyone there prior to that night).

It is a little overwhelming tho - I have yet to decide if I am a huge fan of this group thing. It's fun in concept, and it is really fun in reality, but it is more on the FUN side of activities then the incredibly sexual or sensual to me. I love sitting there and watching all the live porn being acted out in front of me. I enjoy playing with all the naked bodies and all the cuddling and kissing that goes on, but as far as it being a super huge turn on and making me cum harder or quicker or whatever - it didn't. But it was fun. I will definitely be going back for more. I do find it interesting that of the six males there I know at least four of them had issues with the whole orgy scene and anxiety affecting their performance, so it seems that men would be even less likely to want to repeat the activity, yet all of them do want to, as soon as possible please, Lol. I guess it's the same as I view it, even if I don't get off as much or as easily or as good as at home with my love, it's still fun and better then sitting around playing cards.
Unless you are playing cards like these girls...

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