Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pain and pleasure - A typical fantasy...

The below is a work of complete fiction (tho I may wish otherwise). It's a fantasy of mine that has made it into writing... 
I was just getting back from lunch with my dad. I had come in to say hello to my old boss- his secretary. I used to have a summer job as office girl here. Many people had changed since I worked here tho. I hardly recognised anyone. The older lady and I chatted for a few minutes then I decided to head out. I was playing hooky from work that day and wanted to get home and relax. I waved goodbye to my dad who was on the phone as I passed his open office door.

The door to the office across from my dads stood slightly open. Soft music was playing inside and I paused on my way out to see if I recognized the song. I didn’t. But before I could head on my way the professor came round the corner and saw me standing near his door. "Hi Kate" he said genially and he seemed to herd me into his office. I was a little surprised when he closed the door behind us. I had seen him a couple times in passing but didnt really know the man. I guess he recognised me from the pictures my dad had of his family adorning his office walls. Once inside I recognized the song on the radio as one of the top rap songs of the week. Not what I would have expected from this middle-aged college professor. I looked at him with a new interest as he began the polite questioning  that always seemed to fill conversations with my dad's colleagues. How was work. How was life. Any man on the scene yet. What was I doing with my life. I could recite the answers in my sleep so I almost tuned him out as I held a conversation and took in his office- and him.

The professor looked to be in his early 40's. Had pitch black hair and a Native American feel to his high cheekbones and dark piercing eyes. He could play the "bad boy" in a movie I thought. Just the right natural darkness to be cast as the "vampire in the alley waiting for an unsuspecting citizen" role. He obviously worked out I noticed with a blush as I caught myself gazing at his
broad shoulders and flat stomach. The black polo shirt highlighted his tan and the sleeves stretched over thick biceps. I pictured those arms holding himself up over me in a soft bed. When I finally noticed that he had gone silent and was watching me lust after him, I blushed furiously.  The whole situation seemed awkward suddenly, and I became very conscious of the closed door on the other side of him.

I stood up and moved to quickly pass him and leave- there was no point in trying to pretend I hadnt just been sizing him up like a piece of meat. It would be better to just leave and avoid him in the future I thought. The silence was thick and our eye contact constant as I tried to slide past him towards the door. His hands shot out and wrapped tightly around my wrists. I took a couple quick breaths and tried to still my racing heart. I varied between fearing him and wanting to beg him to fuck me right there on his desk. My breaths were shaky and I could no longer meet his eyes. My glance darted nervously around the small office as he stood and pulled me closer to him. Six foot six inches of dark psychology professor loomed over me. I wanted nothing more then for this beast to ravage me. But, at the same time I feared at any moment the door to the office would be pushed open and someone would interrupt us. The very fact that I worried about being "interrupted" instead of being "saved" told me that my lust was going to get the better of me.

I finally looked up at him and saw something hard and almost menacing in his eyes. The hands gripping my wrists in let go but I was immediately held in place by both of his large hands encircling my neck with his thumbs pushing up on the underside of my chin so my head tilted backwards making my mouth very vulnerable to his. I was embarrassed with myself for panting softly as his mouth came closer to mine. His fingers curled slightly and I felt the hard press of nails in the back of my neck shoot shivers down my spine as his mouth crushed against mine harshly. I found myself going lightheaded as his hands tightened still more around my neck. My own hands reached up desperately and clawed at his fingers as my tongue fought with his and my body heated up.

He dropped his hands, backed away from me. I was suprised as he then ordered me to follow him and he turned and strode out the office door. I followed. All the way down the hall. Down the stairs. Across the parking lot. Almost running to keep up with his long strides. He seemed to glide rather them walk. Every movement he made seemed smooth and feral. He slipped between two parked vehicles and as I followed him he suddenly turned and crushed me against the jeep with his hard body. His hand wove its self in my hair and he jerked my head sideways. Hot lips found my neck and I squirmed. The lips were immediately replaced by teeth. Teeth that were sharp. Sharper then they should have been, a question raised itself in my mind but before I could voice it he bit me. Hard and deep he bit me. I cried out loud as I could feel blood trickle down the inside of my shirt from his bite. A strong cool hand covered my mouth and drowned out the cry. As the pain shot down my body I felt him grow hard against my tummy- an impressive hardness. He opened the passenger door of the jeep and pushed me roughly inside.

My hand clamped to my neck to rub away the pain. I sat motionless in the front seat as he rounded the front of the jeep and climbed in the driver side. I wondered if I should get out and run. The bite had hurt. There was hardly anything sensual about it and if it hadnt been for the kiss back in the office I doubt I would have been turned on at all by this point. I tried the handle experimentally. It was locked. I looked around and couldn’t find a unlock button anywhere. I turned slowly and met his eyes. "One chance" he said coldly. He hit the unlock button on his side and sat looking at me. My one hand on the door handle, my other still holding the bite wound on my neck I looked back at him- torn between fear and the lust that was still murmering in my body.

I slowly released the handle and reached for my seatbelt. Without meeting his eyes again I pulled the belt across me and clicked it. I looked at him again, a bit shyly. I wasnt the type of woman that men usually took to. I'd had my share of partners but none of them had been the random, passionate "oh my god fuck me now" type of encounters. This was the stuff of novels and I decided I would be a fool to pass it up. There was a faint smile playing on his mouth but the hardness was still in his eyes as he started up the jeep and pulled away from the parking space. We drove for thirty minutes without saying a word.

Halfway through the trip I pulled my hand away from my neck and sat watching him. Now that I knew he knew and was ok with my lust of him I let myself indulge in it. The thick arms were just as threateningly exciting as before. His hands were broad and smooth and now knowing how they felt gripping my neck I couldn’t help but shiver as my gaze wandered to them again. I let myself look to his pants where I could still see a bulge from where he'd hardened against me back in the parking lot. I had the sudden urge to reach over and fondle him through the khakis. I did. Well, tried to. My hand slowly crept over his leg and cupped him through the pants gently, but then he grabbed my hand harshly and jerked it up to his mouth where he bit the inside of my wrist lightly and laughed at me before pushing my hand back into my own lap.

Finally we pulled up at an older looking house at the end of a small road through the woods. I went to open my door but found it was once again locked. He smiled at me and got out of his door and came around and opened mine. "Its childproofed. There is no way to ever open it from the inside." I looked at him with suspicion. That meant that back in the parking lot when he had "unlocked" the door for me I really could not have left had I chosen to. Fear grew inside me again as he reached in and grabbing both my wrists with his hands he jerked me roughly out of the jeep.

He immediately took the collar of my shirt in his hands and tore it open along the front, tearing off most of the buttons as he did so. I shuddered as the cold wind bit my bare skin and backed away from him. Once again his body crushed mine to the side of the jeep and he murmured in my ear. "Don’t worry little girl, you will experience nothing but pleasure with me. Maybe painful pleasure, but you will enjoy it." He backed away from me and still gripping one of my wrists he led me into the house. He walked slower this time. I shivered in the cold but didnt need to run to keep up with him. He never let go of my wrist. I wondered at why he didnt hold my hand as a normal man would have. But, I realised that I enjoyed the feel of being in his control. I prefered this wrist holding. Maybe he could sense that about me.

The bedroom was a dark sensual affair. The walls were painted crimson and the black carpet let to a large bed draped in black velvet covers and red silk sheets. The ceiling was covered in mirrors and the walls adorned with candelabras holding upwards of one hundred candles. I found it strange that the candles were all already lit. Perhaps they were fake, or he had servants. He was watching me take in the room. The from behind me his arms enveloped me. His lips found my ear then down to my neck again. I was braced for it this time. When his teeth sank into my neck I leaned back into him and relaxed into the pain. My brain went fuzzy and it took all my self control not to fight against him and his harshness. As the pain grew it turned into pleasure. As I relaxed into it, it overwhelmed me. I almost orgasmed right there from his teeth breaking my skin and his tongue lapping at the wounds.

He led me to the bed and lay me on my back. He crawled on top of me and his mouth found mine again. Urgency and passion filled me and my hands clawed at his shirt, pulling it up over his head and revealing a muscular broad torso that was an even golden tan. I grew wet at the sight of all that delicious flesh. On impulse I reared up under him and bit hard on his shoulder. He cried out but didn’t move to stop me. I bit harder and harder and he groaned. I couldnt break the skin tho. Part of me stil didnt want to hurt him. But, I forced myself to bite harder- I may not have his sharp teeth, but if he got to taste my blood then I was going to taste his. My hands reached around him and gripped his back pulling him down onto me with my teeth still locked into his shoulder. He moaned as he relaxed his weight onto me. I was suffocating underneath him. I couldn’t breath but as his blood finally dripped through my teeth into my mouth I felt energy and a sort of craze come over me. I released his shoulder immediately and clung to him as a lightheadedness filled me. He smiled through his pain down at my confusion. “I thought you’d like it” he said.
He moved me up higher on the bed then he stretched my right wrist out above my head and before I realized what was happening he had tied it with something. I couldn’t pull it back towards me. My breath quickened again as he did the same thing to the left wrist. Then he slid me as far down the bed as my bonds would allow. I was trapped- with him straddling my hips I was completely helpless.  I panted softly and pleaded with him with my eyes to kiss me again. My body was so filled with lust and desire. I wanted him to just touch me again anywhere anyhow. Yet he sat there and watched me silently. I squirmed, moving my hips up til I was pressed against him. He was hard, and huge from the feel of it.There was still a trickle of blood on his sholder from where I'd bit him. But, I was surprised that as I lay there watching the wound seemed to heal itself. There was still blood but the torn flesh smoothed itself out. I felt the heat leaving my body as I looked up at him in astonishment and confusion. He smiled down at me and I saw the flash of sharp fangs at the corners of his smile.
He called out something in a language I didn’t recognize. I was shocked as I watched another man almost equaling him in rugged beauty melt into the room from the very walls it seemed. This new man was only wearing boxers in black silk. He a tray with shiny objects on it. I was terrified. I felt that lust seep away again and be replaced my pure fear. I looked up at the professor straddling me. He was taking in my fear and relishing in it. My nipples were so hard and erect even though I thought I was more fearful then anything now. He began playing with them. Rolling them between his fingers and pinching hard sometimes with his fingers sometimes trapping them between his nails. I moaned and cried out, the whole time feeling myself go wetter and wetter at his touch and at the silent men watching me. I again writhed enough to feel his hard cock against me. The standing man looked at me, smiled, and murmured something in that strange language. They both smiled now, and the professor me reached for an object of steel from the tray. He clamped my nipple in a vice like clip. I cried out as he tightened it a notch more then I could stand and the soreness spread through me. He did the same thing to the other nipple. The man standing at the side of the bed reached over and held the vice-clips in place. He bent down and kissed me again. The soreness was turning into fire and my body ached for him. I wanted my wrists to be free so I could claw at him and take his cock from his pants and feel it inside me.
He sat back up and he reached on the tray again. A needle. I looked at him in terror. He also held up two silver rings. “I am going to adorn you” he said simply. He reached down and I watched as he set the needle against one side of my nipple which was conveniently placed for piercing. He paused and I met his eyes. It was going to hurt like hell… but could it possibly be worse then his teeth. I kept eye contact with him as he pushed the needle harder against the side of my nipple which was being held in place by the vice-clip. I cried out as the needle slowly entered the skin. I squirmed my hips and shuddered my body as he stopped pushing and waited. I made eye contact again and he pushed slowly still.
I swear I could feel the needle millimeter my millimeter breaking through my flesh and with each movement the pain was afresh and shot like hot fire straight to my pussy. I was soaking wet through my jeans and very close to coming just from the pain alone. I kept desperate eye contact with him, my breaths short and shallow. His every movement was slow and drawn out, and my every sensation was a confusing mixture of pain and deep pleasure. Once the needle had broken through the other side of my nipple he quickly threaded the ring through the hole and undid the clamp. I looked down with astonished pleasure to see the ring through my nipple. It was as sexy as anything I had ever seen.
He repeated the same slow sensual process with the second nipple. But looking at the ring in my other breast I no longer wanted the pain to stop. I kept eye contact with him allowing myself to wince and squirm with the pain. As the needle made its slow agonizing way through my nipple I mentally forced all the pain to tighten my pussy. I orgasmed just as he forced the needle through the other side of my nipple. I bucked and cried out with the intensity of the pleasure washing over me. I twisted away from his hands and tried to wrench my wrists from their bonds. They didn’t break. I lay just as helpless as before once the orgasms stopped and intense after shudders ran through me.
He murmured and the other man made the tools disappear and both were suddenly naked. I was so worn out from the intense pleasure I had just experienced, that I didn’t struggle at all when I felt my jeans being slid off my body. I was still trying to catch my breath as the professor knelt between my legs. His golden brown body and dark eyes so close to me. I saw his cock, hard and ready. He was large; very thick. And as he pressed its head against my pussy my back arched on its own to give him the best angle to enter me. He reached up and pinched the new rings in my nipples between the finger and thumb of each  hand. As he slammed his thick hard cock into my dripping pussy he twisted the rings hard. I cried out at both the stretching in my cunt and the pain from my nipples shooting straight to my pussy bringing me to orgasm almost immediately. He pounded me, over and over. Hard ruthless slams. With each deep thrust he twisted the rings again. The mixture of fucking and pain made me cum over and over. My body was worn out and shaking.
He finally reached up and undid the binds on my wrists. The other man lay on the bed and the professor turned me over and forced me into a doggy style position. He spread my legs and held me in place as the man on the bed slid himself under my body and my legs spread even wider as his hips positioned themselves to fuck me from underneath. The professor pushed my hips down. Impaling me on the man bellows cock. It wasn’t as thick as the previous one but it was longer and hit the top of my pussy  causing pain with each deep thrust. The professor was behind me and I felt his body lay over mine crushing me to the man below.
I moaned and tried to shift under his weight. He moved up slightly and with one deep hard thrust was buried to the base in my ass. I had no warning and I screamed out. But, neither man paid any attention to my cries. Both cocks were pounding me now. Both men’s bodies were hot and sweaty moving in rhythm against mine. My body ached. My pussy hurt. My ass now was stretched till it felt like it was ripping. I cried out and tried in vain to pull myself away from their abuse. The professor reached around my body and grabbed the rings again. A deep thrust into my ass and he twisted them harshly. I grew hot again in an instant. My body responded to the pain and I was cumming in seconds. And as they both kept up a steady rhythm my body fell into the motions with them. We writhed together and my body arched and curved to allow each best access when it came their turn to pound.
After an eternity of orgasms mixed with pain the men were close to cumming. They both set their teeth lightly at my neck. I moaned as the relentless pounding increased in intensity. Over and over the throbbing of their cocks and the pain in my nipples brought me to the edge of insanity and dropped me from the cliff into pleasure. They both came deep inside me at the same moment. They sunk their teeth deep into my throat as they came and the blood from their bites made my neck slick. The pain throughout my body brought me over the edge one last time.  
The writhing slowed and the men relaxed completely. The professors weight was comforting to my sore body. I relaxed and drifted off to a light sleep still covered in blood and filled with the two men.

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