Monday, October 18, 2010

Floggers on Parade

I have gotten a few new floggers recently and the "Evil Stick" finally came too. My ass feels awesome!

Above, you will see all of our smack-my-bottom toys laid out on top of our dog crate. My man feels so bad about hitting me in front of the three dogs. Two of them run away from him and hide. The third dog (who I've had for six year and who is a total momma's girl) will actually pose up on him and growl ... we quickly learned that "don't worry she likes it" doesn't translate to dog language and we lock them out of the bedroom when certain types of playtime are in session.

Here my man is showing off our new black leather cat-o-nine tails. We actually ordered this from for $5.98. It feels nice and stingy - it needs to be broken in some more because it has a tendency to leave black flakes/dyes all over my nice reddened ass. I tried to give my man some homework and told him to start beating the couch and bed and other inanimate objects with it until it stops shedding - which of course let to him reminding me who was boss (very pleasantly to my way of thinking, Lol) and making me to do it myself.

This is the infamous "Evil Stick" which I actually ordered in "Evil Wand" length from the site I linked in an earlier blog. It looks all pretty and delicate, but this little fucker has a stinging bite to it. My man likes to tell me how little effort he is putting into it when he's striking me with this little wooden heart - he holds it between a couple fingers and his thumb and flicks his wrist at me - it leaves a red cane-like welty mark when the rod part hits me and a heart-shaped red mark/bruise where the purple wood meets my ass cheek. Then he will actually put some arm behind it and make me cry out my safe word. Mmm.

You can't tell it in this picture, but the flogger part of this tool is red rubber. It's almost like a bunch of red cooked spaghetti noodles (if noodles were unbreakable). This is my new favorite toy. It's a bit more thuddy then stingy (except where the noodle tips wrap around and get me on the thigh). But, I can take a lot of this particular flogger. It's brings a nice rosy glow to my bottom within a few strokes and the color just keeps deepening and deepening - which doesn't happen with some of my other toys because I safe word before the more stingy ones can get my color up. We bought this at the sex toy shop in the store a couple towns over. Our "local" store doesn't carry any bdsm equipment - which is a shame - tho I would probably buy out all of their supplies if they did stock my type of toys so maybe it's a good thing they don't keep anything really mean in stock, Lol.

I don't know why my camera doesn't seem to show the red marks that the wooden heart leaves on me when I'm struck with this little Evil Stick. Maybe too much flash. Anyways. Trust me, there were a quite a few bright red dots on me from this super stingy little toy. I can take this smack anywhere ... even boobs aren't safe from the little heart.

This picture show the red noodle like quality of this flogger. I love it! These rubber strings are practically like being smacked with a solid rubber hammer or something when its swung quickly, and more like broom bristles when it's brought down slower. Either way it seems to bring out the color in my bottom.
My man had to brush off the black specs off my cheeks before taking this picture, but other then that, I quite enjoyed the feel of this new one too.

Of course, when I'm getting my beatings, I have to be strapped in so that I can't turn around or try to avoid the floggers. Our home improvement project of adding hooks into the walls at the head of our bed has come in VERY handy lately - tip to those who want to try this, make sure you know where the studs are in your wall or invest in a good stud finder ... our wall now looks like a woodpecker was set loose on the walls because I was impatient and hammered in a small nail every couple inches til I found the studs for the hooks to be screwed into. I'm thinking we will have to invest in some actual leather cuffs soon... I can't struggle very hard in these rope ties otherwise I will leave marks on my wrists that would be very hard to explain at the office the next day, Lol.

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